NSS gensets is one of the largest distributor of sudhir transformers, package substations, HT Panels & LT Panels thus, playing a major role in contributing to the electrical power sector

    • Dry type & Cast resin upto 10MVA, 33 kV class
    • 1st company to manufacture Dry Type/Cast Resin Transformers
    • Technical collaboration with Dupont, USA
    • Design tested at CPRI as per IS 2026, IS 11171, IEC 60726 & CBIP
    • ISO 9001:2000 accredited by UKAS
    • Proven high product reliability
    • Approved with all leading consultants & major supplies to steel plants & thermal power plants

    MLRE Dry Type Transformer

    HV & LV wound coils are separated by means of fiber glass cylinders & supported on the frame by special porcelain supports. HV coils are made in disc form, using enameled & fiberglass covered copper strips.

    All conductors are treated with Polyesteramide resin during covering stage to achieve inter-turn di-electric strength of 6-8KV & eliminating trapped mechanical forces during the thermal operating cycle.

    Product Range

    • Dry Type Transformers upto 4MVA, 11KV class
    • Oil Type Transformers upto 20MVA, 33KV class
    • Multi Tap Transformers upto 24taps
    • Reactors & Chokes
    • Converter Duty Transformers

    Salient Features of MLRE Dry Type Transformers

    • Maintenance free
    • No trapped mechanical forces, improving the thermal operation
    • Maximum heat dissipation
    • Higher resistance to Short circuit forces using Disc wound coils having self - locking property
    • No Partial Discharge, as max voltage appearing at any part of the winding is limited to the turn to turn
    • Maximum creepage available in coils
    • Better monitoring of hot spot temperature
    • Least amount of combustible materials
    • Does not emit toxic and blinding smoke in the event of a fire

    Cast Resin Type Transformer

    • 11 KV & 33 KV transformers with rated power upto 20 MVA
    • Rectifier convertor duty Transformers
    • Transformer for photovoltaic and wind power plants
    • Transformer for AC/DC conversion for industrial application and electric traction
    • Lighting Transformers
    • Oil type upto 10 MVA, 33 kV class
    • Reactors for currents upto 5000A, 33Kv, 15Mh
    • Converter Duty – Dual Secondary, 2, 3 or 4 windings
    • Multi Tap transformers
    • Corrugated Tank Transformers
    • Lighting Transformers

    Optimum Design

    Each unit is tuned for optimum efficiency while operating between 45% and 65% of full load (which is the average loading) by delicate proportioning of core and winding losses.

    By using CRGO silicon steel mitred cores and paper enamel covered conductors the units are made compact, resulting in lower losses, better regulation and longer life.

    Careful design of the core and tank reduces noise level to the minimum. The clamping method adopted helps to keep the optimum properties of the grain-oriented silicon steet, without reducing their mechanical stability.

    Constructional Features

    Winding on HT side are provided with sufficient end-turn reinforcement for extra strength. Windings are pre shrunk and impregnated under, vacuum with hot dry Transformer oil before assembly to ensure their proper functioning.

    Radial as well as axial clearances and cooling ducts provided for the coils add to the safety and uniform cooling of the windings and limbs.

    Windings are designed to withstand sufficient thermal, dynamic and electrical stresses induced during operation as well as under short circuit conditions.

    Each tank is pressure tested and the exterior surface coated with primer and 2 coats of weather-proof paint, the shade being dark grey 1110. 6 of IS-5/1980. The interior is given anti-corrosive protection with oil Hesistant varnish.

    Transformers are supplied with first filling of insulating oil conforming to IS-335/1980.

    Customized Solutions

    Voltage regulation is provided with winding tappings as per customer's specifications generally at +/- 2.5% and +/- 5% of input voltage. As a standard, Tap changing is effected by means of externally hand-operated 'OFF CIRCUIT' tap-changing switch.

    On-Load tap changers (OLTC) with variety of steps to offer optimum control can be offered. All tap-changing switches have indicators and locking device. Special Multi tapping transformers are also in the product range, besides the special duty transformers.

    Quality Assurance

    Every transformer undergoes a series of tests throughout the manufacturing process, right from raw material stage to final stage. All routine tests are carried out at our works as per IS 11171, IEC 726 and other International Specifications.

    Type tests for impulse withstand short Circuit strength etc have been conducted on representative ratings and voltage classes, at approved national test houses. The ISO certificate has also been revalidated recently.

  • "Sudhir is a leading Panel manufacturer in North India and an Alliance partner of Schneider. Their range offer state of art switchgear for 11 & 33kV with cutting edge technologies in VCB & SF6 upto 1500MVA fault levels." HVX is the latest range of vacuum circuit breakers. It offers proven state-of-the-art design to meet to specification for power switching devices in air-insulated switchgear upto 36 kV. HVX brings a valuable solution to your project. "They have brought together the combined experience of our partner Schneider Electric to bring the latest technology with time - tested and proven reliable design." This latest addition to their range of vacuum interrupters reinforces our technological position as vacuum switching market leader. Thanks to the improved contact design, their interrupters provide unrivalled performance for their reduced size. Operating mechanisms have been simplified to increase reliability and give extended life with very low maintenance. Instead of the traditional spring operating mechanism, HVX decreed a singIe-shaft system and only one torsion spring, reducing the number of parts an increasing the reliability. The HVX panel meets the latest requirements of IS and ANSI standards

    Salient Features of HT SwitchBoards:

    • Modular Designs.
    • Customer choice of protection, metering and control including SCADA interface.
    • Total compartmentalisation with earthed metal partitions render live parts inaccessible eliminating accidental contact.
    • Floor mounted VCB with ramp & spring charging handle.
    • Provision for padlocking of feeder and busbar shutters.
    • Self aligning automatic primary junctions to the power circuit.
    • Intelligent Switchboards with Computer & BMS interface.
    • Bottom opening / top opening (with fixed VT) for guiding.
    • Power pack arrangement(optional).
    • Removable shrouds at main busbar joints/tap off.
    • Conforms to IS & IEC standards.

    Technical Specifications

  • Ranging from 11 - 33 kV Foremost in quality of workmanship and investment in “state of art” technology to manufacture world class LT Switchboards, Sudhir has established themselves as a symbol of quality and innovation in this field. In recognition to their world-class quality standards they have been awarded with the ISO 9001-2000 certification. Their Panels have been successfully tested at CPRI to withstand short circuit levels of 50/70 & 100 KA with ACB, IP 54, 55 & 65 degree of protection & Temperature rise as per international standards. Sudhir's Design and Engineering department is well equipped with Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and drafting facilities for accurate and quick preparation of design & execution.

    Salient Features

    • Design tested at CPRI for short circuit & temperature rise as per IS standards
    • One of the first to get designs type tested at 100 kVA with switchgear
    • 4000A Panels successfully tested at CPRI for temperature rise as per IS standards
    • Form 1/2/3a/3b/4a/4b design, in DOP- IP- 54
    • CNC Fabricated fully bolted standardized designs
    • Computer Aided Design(CAD)systems
    • Panel enclosure degree of protection IP - 54, IP – 55 & IP 65
    • Anti-corrosion treatment
    • Automatic spray conveyrised Pre Treatment plant with 11 Tank Process
    • Painting in dust & vermin proof paint booths & ovens
    • Non hygroscopic SMC bus bar supports for best mechanical & electrical strengths for fault current withstand
    • Bus bars and interlinks are insulated with heat shrinkable PVC sleeves
    • Provision for future expansion for both sides
    • All live parts are shrouded with polycarbonate sheets
    • Customer choice of protection, metering and controlling including SCADA interface
    • Floor mounted VCB with ramp & spring charging handle
    • Single & Double Front Panel (PCC/ MCC /PMCC /MDB)
    • Provision for padlocking feeder & bus bar shutters
    • Conforms to IS - 3118 & IEC - 62271 - 100 Standards

    Type of LT Switchboards

    • Main LT Panel
    • PCC (Power Control Center)
    • Auto/Manual Synchronising / Load Sharing Panel
    • AMF Panels
    • MCC (Motor Control Center)
    • Control and Relay Panel
    • Control Desk & Mimic Panels
    • Intelligent Switchboards with Computer &
    • BMS Interface
    • Capacitor Panel
    • Feeder Pillar
    • Meter Board
    • Main Distribution Board (MDB)
    • Bus Ducts & Rising Mains

    MV switchboard

    • Rated voltage: upto 24 kV
    • Rated current:
    • loop: 630 A
    • Transformer protection: 200 A upto 630 A according to specifications.
    • Short-time withstand current: upto 25 kA -1s

    Schneider Electric Offering

    • MV switchgear:
    • Ringmains Unit
    • RM6, Ringmaster

    MV switchboard

    • Rated voltage: 440 V
    • Incomer: upto 2000 A circuit breaker
    • Feeders: max. upto - 10 nos. of 250 A MCCB or - 7 nos. of 400 A MCCB or - 5 nos. of 630 A MCCB

    Schneider Electric & SPL Offering

    • Enerpact and
    • Simpact
    • Compact NS
    • Masterpact and Simpact
    • Masterpact and Compact NS
    • Sudhir under license from Schneider Electric manufactures BIOSCO– Packaged Sub Station (PSS) Sudhir under license from Schneider Electric manufactures BIOSCO– Packaged Sub Station (PSS)
    • BIOSCO design & know-how from Schneider Electric, France
    • BIOSCO design conforming to IEC 62271 – 202
    • Factory built Packaged Sub Station (PSS) for outdoor applications
    • Manufactured at Sudhir, Gurgaon plant, with best manufacturing practices of Schneider.
    • A co-branded product covering the best of products: - Schneider Electric - LV & MV products -Sudhir - Transformers, LV panels & Metal Housings

    Substation range upto 24 kV

    The Schnieder-Sudhir MV/LV prefabricated substation is part of a comprehensive offer of products with consistent design. The PSS is a co-branded product offer covering the best of products from Schneider Electric & Sudhir.

    BIOSCO design comes from Schneider Electric, France. All LT & MV electrical distribution products come from Schneider Electric, India. The Transformer, LT panels & Housing are products from Sudhir.

    All these products have been designed to operate together to ensure electrical, mechanical and communication compatibility.

    Synergy of Schneider-Sudhir are optimized and more efficient: better continuity of supply, enhanced safety for people and equipment, guaranteed upgradeability, effective monitoring and control.

    Combined with your know-how and creativity, the Guiding System ensures optimum installations that are dependable, upgradeable and compliant with standards.

    Optional Equipment

    • LV metering
    • MV metering
    • Upto 300 kVAR APFC panel
    • Remote interface
    • Remote control of MV switches
    • Monitoring of fault passage indicator
    • Remote monitoring interface (load, alarms, events)
    • Fault passage indicator

    Schneider Electric Offering

    • Remote Terminal Unit : Easergy T200
    • Fault Passage Indicator: Easergy Flair
    • Remote monitoring interface:Easergy W200

    Factory-Built enclosure

    • LV metering
    • MV metering
    • Upto 300 kVAR APFC panel
    • Remote interface
    • Remote control of MV switches
    • Monitoring of fault passage indicator
    • Remote monitoring interface (load, alarms, events)
    • Fault passage indicator

    Schneider Electric Offering

    • Remote Terminal Unit : Easergy T200
    • Fault Passage Indicator: Easergy Flair
    • Remote monitoring interface:Easergy W200

    B I O S C O

    • BIOSCO substations have successfully passed internal arcing withstand test for 20kA 1s.
    • Access to the MV & LV compartment provided through a double door arrangement.
    • Louvers designed for natural ventilation and thermal class K10.
    • Roof designed to support load upto 250kg/m2.
    • Spaciously designed to have adequate clearance.
    • Degree of protection for MV/LV compartment is IP54 & for transformer compartment IP34.
    • LV interconnection made of Al./CU busbars.
    • Internal earthing with 50x6mm Aluminium or 25x2mm copper busbars.



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